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Here I am at Vedavoo

Hi everyone!! Thanks for checking out my homepage. I created this page to share who I am with others. I hope to have some information on my hobbies, friends, and family on this page in the near future. So come back and visit again soon.

Let me introduce myself. My real name is Karen but, all my online friends know me as Anne. I am 24 years old, and I live in Laramie, Wyoming. Home of the University of Wyoming cowboys. Go Pokes :). As you might have guessed from that I am an avid sports fan. I attend many football and basketball games here at the University. Although, our football team has struggled recently, our basketball team made it to the NCAA tournament this past season, and beat Gonzaga in the first game :). It was a shock to all who didn't know much about our team but, to a true Wyoming fan I knew if the right team came to play it was possible :). Anyhow more on that later. I also like to watch the Denver Broncos, Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, and many other teams as well. My other hobbies include reading. I am a big fan of John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, and Diana Gabaldon. Chatting with my friends online. Anything outdoors, and movies. I will add more about my hobbies soon.
      I have a ba in psychology and I am currently debating going back to school in psychology as a grad student or possibly going into teaching. So right now I am looking at these options and just enjoying my friends here in Laramie.

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What's New?

Here is where I hope to keep you updated on what I have added to my site.
     06-19-02 First published site
     08-06-02 Added some pictures
     08-31-02 Added some new information to the all about me page, added contact information, and some links as well.
     10-20-02 Added some new pictures to the all about me page.
     11-5-02 Added some new pictures and Anne's Pictures Page. Coincidence ;).
    09-12-03 Added the FSPA page. Which contains many pictures from my trip to La Crosse back in Feb. and March of this year.

Here is the link to sign my guestbook. I'm hoping to figure out how to get it to have a button. So if you know how to do that email me or something :). Thanks.
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